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HTML / XML Web Design

What is an HTML website and what are it's applications?

The design of a website has become integral to the success of any business.

Potential customers now often reference a business online while considering becoming a customer.

The website has become the e-storefront for businesses small and large.

Just as you would create an attractive and inviting storefront or company images on your physical site, the standard has now become presenting an aesthetically pleasing and professional web-front as well.

Often, the web presence is the first thing a potential customer/client sees of a business and gives them an indication of the:

Without an attractive layout which appeals to a potential customer, you are likely to turn them away, with them leaving in search of something easier on the eye. As important as the words themselves are, the way in which they are arranged is similarly important when dealing with websites.

It is as much art as coding, as what is created from the raw code must assemble into something that looks spectacular.

This is why we incorporate the latest technology such as databases and Flash.

Also, when simplicity is required, the diversity of HTML means that it loads quickly in a browser, while being displayed accurately in all browsers.HTML is the standard for internet coding, and so no plug-ins are required.

HTML Design is ideal for standard and e-commerce websites that do not require special multimedia functions such as audio/video.

The advantage of HTML-based websites is the small size that makes them fast loading.

Additionally, HTML websites are compatible with all industry standard web browsers and do not require download of plug-ins from the visitors. works hard to help you determine which website style helps you to successfully present your business on the internet. Pinpointing your target audience and combining that knowledge with a professional look that presents your product/service clearly and in and appealing way, ensures that your customer/client's first impression of your business is a positive and memorable one. Click here to view some of the projects we have worked on.