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Flash Web Development

Macromedia's Flash program is a web authoring tool that has developed from a funky animation program into a complete and professional web development tool with their introduction of Flash MX version last year. As access to broadband Internet becomes wider, Flash has been incorporated into more and more business websites. WHY? Flash is well on its way to becoming the standard in web design and development because it produces websites that are aesthetically pleasing, cost efficient to run, and increasingly interactive.

Rather than being an occasional add-in to web development now, users are expecting to see Flash in websites they use. It is widely accepted and the majority of users have already downloaded the latest Flash viewer onto their computers. People expect to experience some level of website interaction while they are surfing. From high tech graphics animations to small stock tickers and log ins on banking websites, Flash is everywhere.

Serious business presences know that their website presentation is as much a part of their company's success as the product they are selling is. Flash is smooth, versatile, interactive and generates web traffic and business capital. We have begun using Flash widely in our current web projects for a number of reasons, one of which being it will most effectively present to the public the image that businesses want to portray. Our staff is continually upgrading their Flash skills in order to keep our clients current and fresh.

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